Research Group of Prof. Dr. C. Burstedde
Institute for Numerical Simulation

Welcome to the research group

of Prof. Dr. Carsten Burstedde



I am developing numerical techniques for accurate and efficient computer simulations. Some geophysical applications are listed below.

The mathematical methods considered relate to the following fields.

(See a summary on my research page. Check out my profile on Google Scholar and on the arXiv.)


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Occasionally I will post documents here.


Address: Wegelerstr. 6
53115 Bonn
Office: We6 4.009
Phone: +49 228 73 3165
Fax: +49 228 73 7527
PGP Key Id: 3A01AB94
Key fingerprint: 1127 A432 6524 BF02 737B 544E 0704 CD9E 550A 6BCD